New friends.

House party.

Light wine hit my lips as I gingerly handled the right panties.  Important to look my best as I am reflection of my partner.  Black lace thong, front closure racer-back bra, perfect.  Quite giddy on the way to the latest house party.  Fantastic conversation. How I love meeting new people.

The dynamics began with a game. Winners call the shots. Boys vs Girls.

From the corner of my eye, my vision focused.  A swing. A swing specifically designed to receive the losers, the girls. Quickly chosen, I pulled from my clothes. Slowly unzipping and tossing, my tiny, neat pairing of lace.  Hands cupped my hard, round tits as I clicked the front of my bra.  Nipples are always hard when brought out into the open.  I backed into the swing.

Focusing with a smile, I played with the ropes.  Pulling knees up and spreading, my toes tickled against the cupping of the bottom of the swing. Lying back a bit, my long hair swept across the middle of my back.  The feeling overtook me.

Approaching, a new couple.  They focused in, early, pouring my first glass.  SHE leaned in to greet me and surprisingly caught a peek-a-boo of my swelling pussy lips. HE, grabbing her hair, bent her down and placed her velvet lips to my clit. Her tongue wavered back and forth as he inserted her from behind.  I felt the pressure of his cock as it came through her to my cunt.  Sucking now, my hair was held behind me. I tightly held to the side reigns of the swing as he filled her with cum.  Pulling out, the floor became covered, cream that ran from her.  Moving to me, HE inserted three fingers riddling me with ecstasy. Taking her head once again, HE placed her lips to mine.  Sucking, licking, tongue fucking, my pussy squirted onto her beautiful face.  Looking up in amazement, She said, “Water?”

I love this life!


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