A Private Suite.

My Partner and I.

A Masseuse?

Spent many years gearing up for our first experience. Matter-of-fact deciding to swing or not. Surprisingly, the “sleeper” (me), discovered (the second time around) that I was quite open-minded.  The evening began with drinks at a local watering hole.  My partner and I arrived first.  Not truly knowing the visual we would have before us, we threw down a few shots to ease the nerves. Minutes later, we met the most delightful pair, obviously experienced, and I hoped we would not disappoint.

Introductions included careers, family, and hobbies.  Very interestingly, this was a couple who had met through their own experiences. I was intrigued. What were we about to experience?? Luckily, our new friends were in town for business and had a suite in a nearby hotel.  It was very nice and quite comfortable.

Once together in a more intimate setting, our hosts wanted to know who wished to go first on the massage table.  My mind was filled with apprehension, but I felt my inner self jumping to volunteer. Before I knew it, I had shed all of my clothes, lying my whole self on the table before the group.  Oh, what was to happen.

Hands, eyes, soft rubs, and accolades filled the air.  I became the center piece of the play. Fingers entered my pussy to awaken the night in all of us.  My partner watched as she dropped to her knees to insert him into her mouth. My eyes watched as his head went back in relief to the warm cavernous feel of her lips.  I, turning my head left to him, teased the head of his cock with my tongue. He was quite verbal and thanked me profusely for my enthusiasm which only invigorated his mate to suck harder in her current escapade.  Turning, twisting, changing positions…the night was full of oral sex, multiple climaxes. Feelings of release filled my mind. Cumming glorification…

Then, a change of excitement.  My partner wanted to fuck me.  No one hesitated to deter him.  The room filled with sounds of longing sex and a desire for full cock penetration. Before I could set my eyes toward desire, my love’s  cock pushed into me, filling me with his girth.  Resting his knees on the side of the massage table, he had just enough leverage to fill me even more, constant strength from his thighs.  As we continued, our playmates began to cum simultaneously, as they watched the pleasure before them.  Cumming began and repeated, began and repeated, building my moans louder and louder.  No one could hold on any longer. A pure evening of ecstasy with…a preacher and his wife.


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